Dog Bird


A pre-school show for the whole family.

Dog Bird thinks she’s a dog. She feels she’s a dog. She knows she’s a dog. She’s a dog.

Dog Bird is your charming and affable, self-actualized new friend. Her best friend is Avery, a regular kid who isn’t quite as sure of himself yet. And that’s totally okay! Together, they go on daily adventures, empowering everyone they meet to live as honestly, openly, and in the moment as possible.

Dog Bird brings concepts of mindfulness and empathy into the family home through simple, fun, relatable stories. A little show about big feelings, Dog Bird encourages us to be positive and present citizens in this wonderful world we all share.

Format: 52 x 11’ Episodes

Style: 2D animation inspired by hand drawings, watercolors, street art, and coloring books.

Genre: Pre-School, Comedy, Inspirational

Demo: Family | Co-Viewing Series | Pre-School

Dog Bird picture books and plush toys available in the BoM Shop.